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Auto Body Repair & Rebuilding in Canyon Country, California

The Car-O-Practor in Canyon Country, California, specializes in auto body repair and rebuilding.

Removal of Parts & the Estimate

The first step in the repair process will be to remove the damaged parts of the vehicle to expose all damages incurred in the collision. At this point, a fully detailed and accurate estimate will be printed and submitted to the insurance company. Upon approval of the estimate by the insurance company, all parts at that time will be ordered.
If upon repairs there is more damage, a supplemental report will be necessary for the estimator to complete and send to the insurance company. Once the insurance company approves it, any additional parts will be ordered, and an updated completion date will be given.
Arrival of Parts

Structural & Body Repair

Once parts have arrived, they are assigned to the technician responsible for repairs. Any parts that require painting will immediately go to the paint department for inner paintwork. This is referred to as edging parts. The reason for this is to ensure complete paint coverage on all parts maximizing corrosion protection.
Replacement parts will be installed. Priming, sealing, and corrosion protection is added to the replacement parts and panels. All work is then inspected and tested. Once it is signed off, the vehicle will then head to the paint department.


The vehicle is now ready for painting. First, it will be pressure washed and chemically cleaned. Next, it is prepped, primed, sanded, and sealed. The last stage before entering the paint booth is taping and masking around the area(s) to be painted, to protect the parts of the vehicle that will not need painting.

Vehicle Reassembly

The last stage in preparing the vehicle to return to its owner includes reassembling parts that were removed for the painting, realigning, and taking care of the final detailing (which entails pin striping, polishing, washing, and cleaning). Once these items have been completed, the vehicle is inspected and taken for a test drive. After it checks out, the owners are notified, and a time is set for pickup.
For expert auto body repair on your vehicle, contact our auto body repair center in Canyon Country, California, to request an estimate.