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Since the 1990s, our family has owned more cars than I can remember, consisting mainly of fine Mercedes-Benz® and BMW™ vehicles. And, as is typical, our teenage drivers were a bit harsh at times on some of these fine automobiles, requiring The Car-O-Practor's responsive service. Moreover, many of the cars I brought to Mike were not actually involved in any accidents, but instead, due to my exacting nature, required slight touch up or minor repair work. Regardless of the scope of work, Mike has always treated me as if I was one of his best customers, and the pricing has always been reasonable, even when the insurance company was paying the bill. Too often, I find certain service providers extremely quick to quote overstated prices based on the type of vehicle one drives or the size of one's home. However, I have never experienced this attitude with The Car-O-Practor!
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Then there is the element of the timing required to repair a damaged vehicle. Yes, it does take some time to get the proper parts, and then accurately repair and paint a vehicle, but I have always found The Car-O-Practor's work to be quick and efficient without having to sacrifice any quality in the workmanship. I especially give high praises for the quality finish of The Car-O-Practor's paintwork. This can be especially challenging for German metallic paints. In my case, the finishes have always been excellent and matched perfectly. Of final note, although this shop is not typically open on Saturday, Mike once accommodated my schedule by meeting with me on a Saturday when I had a crazy agenda. I truly appreciated this one-time helpful approach.
What more can I say other than I highly recommend The Car-O-Practor to anyone who desires friendly service, as well as timely and quality workmanship - all at a reasonable price!
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